4 June 2015

Dance Ballet

The image shows Jamaican painter Barbara von Enger dancing on stage during a ballet concerto at her former boarding school in Switzerland. Why are we so drawn to this image? There is vitality, a life force, an energy, sensuality, freedom, passion, richness.
Photo credit: Peter Penzel, June, 2015. Click on image to enlarge.

3 June 2015

Mangoe and Lime Rumbullion

Blend three mangoes in a mixer, add a little vintage ruhm,
whine it up with fresh juice from two emerald limes,
punch in a generous kick of ginger.
Serve with fresh mint in a crystal glass.

2 June 2015

Notes from an Artist

An inspirational quote from the Jamaican painter Barbara von Enger below:
"I have learnt the most important rules of art from my mother, who was also an artist, and I must confess the things she imparted were never taught at university.

For example, make your own rules as an artist, be inventive, as that comes from the gut, go beyond creative, go beyond good, as good isn't really good enough. Be an architect of change. Be revolutionary" - Barbara von Enger, Painter.